A guide for all spin bike buyers

Factors that you should consider before opting for a Spin Bike


You cant just simply go and buy any spin bike, there are loads of things you need to consider before you opt to invest on a spin bike. In case you do not know what those factors are, below in this article I have covered the top 3 factors to be considered before you spend on a Spin Bike.


The first thing you need to do before getting a spin bike go to go and get a health check up done because that will help you know whether you are fit enough to exercise or not. If you are over 35 and have diabetes or high BP you should definitely consult a doctor. In case you have had a back injury that hasn’t yet healed or are pregnant it is not a good idea to use a spin cycle since it can have negative impacts.


Before you go ahead and purchase a spin bike, make sure there you find a suitable place to keep it in your house. You do not want to keep it on an uneven surface since it would wobble every time you use it. The wobbling will make it uncomfortable and you won’t be able to workout properly. Make sure you find an even and comfortable spot where you can exercise with peace of mind.

Easy Controls

If you plan to purchase a spin bike make sure you buy a spin bike that has a decent range of resistance that you can access with easy while you are working out. Opt for a top model like the Keiser M3 which will allow you to manage resistance through the handlebar itself so that you do not have to stop each and every time.

Below is a video that will help you out with your spin bike installation.


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